Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Scoop 6/23/2013

1. Remember how I said I would be back soon with a recipe, well I have yet again failed you. Sorry, and excuse me while I accept the award for laziest and worst blogger. "I would like to thank Pinterest for distracting me, life for throwing me curve ball after curve ball, and finally, sleep deprivation for causing me to randomly fall asleep and neglect my bloggy blog."

2. I went strawberry picking the other day! I had gone last year, and wanted to go again this year and was taunted by this farm near my house that began offering strawberry picking this year! Constantly I was driving by it, and finally the opportunity arose during which I could actually go and pick my own berries! Last year I also went blueberry picking, and it seems that whenever I go "picking" I have a creature encounter...with the blueberries it was a dead bird stuck in the netting over the bushes and the other day with the strawberries it was a snake! I screamed like a little girl, and probably gave the farm workers a good laugh! And of course one of the workers came over to see what happened only adding to my embarrassment, but he did help by showing a trick to find the best berries! Do you like to go "picking"? I am kind of obsessed.

3. I have mentioned this before and it keeps popping back into my head... would you like me to do a beauty (more like my attempt to look a normal adult and not a clown) post? I remember saying I try to use mostly cruelty-free products, but of late I have been noticing that I haven't and I feel horrible. What cruelty-free products do you use? Any you would recommend?

4. Last week I made over 150 cookies for my cousin's bridal shower! I made little pink shoes and what were supposed to be clutches, but ended up being sparkly squares when I ran out of time! Recipe coming shortly! Promise!

5. I went in the pool for the first time this year! It took me awhile to make my way in, it t'was a wee bit chilly! When the pool was opened it was supposedly warmer, but with all of this rain it has cooled down tremendously! Dare I say it is freezing? Not necessarily complaining about the rain because it means that I don't have to water my garden. 

6. What I am ogling over:

7. Total guilty pleasure song. Tween Bakelette is having a moment.


  1. So what is the secret to finding the best strawberries??

    1. First you go strawberry picking, then you scream and a man will come tell you! Just kidding....
      It's hard to explain so I will make a diagram and post it in the next weekly scoop! Haha!