Thursday, January 3, 2013

Friday's Scoop 1/4/13

It's Friday and you know what that means! Here's the scoop!

1. Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2013?! I originally wrote the wrong date for this post! Oops! With a new year comes new resolutions, I have some in mind, but I have not yet acted on them...yet. Of course my resolutions are the usual get in shape, eat better, and live a better life. These days I barely exercise, and occasionally I eat vegetables, but that is a very rare occasion. Maybe if I share my resolutions with you, I will actually keep them! I sure hope so, I really want to get in shape, it has been on my mind a lot recently. So, don't be surprised if I begin to share some healthier recipes! None of this is guaranteed, but we shall what the future brings! What are your resolutions for the new year?

2. Does anyone have a TON of Christmas baking supplies that they haven't used yet? Me me me, I do! I have Andes baking chunks, M&M baking bits, all kinds of Christmas sprinkles, and even a brand new spritz cookie press! Almost all of them remain untouched, there are even Christmas cookie cutters that I NEVER used this year! Please tell me I am not the only one with this problem, and if I am just lie to me so I don't feel weird. Any ideas for how I can use these goodies up without being too "holidayish"? Or maybe I will just continue the holiday until I finish them off!

3. There are 4 or so days until things will be a changin', changin'! I hope you like them! I want to hear any and all feedback, even if it hurts my feelings. Then I will just make some cookies to make me feel better.

4. This week I received a wonderful gift from a close friend! She gifted me the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook! I have been eagerly reading the recipes and making lists of the goodies I want to make from it! It not only is an awesome cookbook, but it would make a great coffee table book, the pictures are GORGEOUS, case-in-point below!
5. What I pinned this week!

What did you pin this week?

Finally, have a great weekend and try to keep warm! This cold spell is crazy, remember to keep your pets warm too!


  1. I also have left over baking items. Chocolate chips, some sprinkles as well, some holiday frosting writing pens and a few other things. I didn't realize it until I started putting away all of the Christmas items. I doubt I will be using them anytime soon. Keep up the good work on exercising, I am right there with you. I have slacked as well! I have posted something for you on my blog post tonight. You can view it here
    I will need to check out that cookbook and your pins! Have a great night!
    Teresa @ My Day Starts With Chips

  2. Thank you so much Teresa! And definitely check out the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook!